Thursday, January 1, 2009

About RTN0

Virtual office

Critical to this research will be the utilisation of technologies that allow for the exchange of information across the research groups. Part of the project is an exploration of physical modelling in a virtual discourse through the employment of digital fabrication and rapid prototyping technologies, eg. Flat bed cutter, Laser cutter, 3D printer, new techniques will be developed to facilitate the transfer of what is gained through this modelling.

About OUTR

OUTR is a network of professionals from RMIT University in Melbourne that utilise research as a focus for design practice.

OUTR understands design practice as an agent of cultural change within an increasingly complex cosmopolitan world.

Our research endeavours to assist in the emergence of design opportunities specialising on the topics of expanded field, urban environments and advanced technologies. The expanded field deals with issues of ethics and sustainability, regimes of care, art and public space, social needs and the ephemeral. Urban environments focus our concerns of precedent, type and the pragmatics of infrastructure and urban scale, including civic consciousness and hence civic narratives. Advanced technologies deals with the pursuit of rule generated processes in design that allow for the utilisation of new digital and biological technologies. Our network of designers reveal a diverse background of Landscape Architects, Architects, Urban Planning, exhibition design, spatial analysis, brief formation, programming, project management and academic development, however as an office our common language is Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Urbanism.

Physical office

Considers urban development through virtual and physical modelling in order to explore possibilities for how we might approach states and scales of change in our contemporary cities. It forms a critique and generation of urban modelling processes – with a particular interest in the spatial implications of this process of design – investigated through physical modelling techniques and the transformation of the virtual to spatial. Through exchange, symposia and discussion it will explore and develop techniques to address the manifestation of urban conurbations in Australasia, Europe, and North, Central and South America.