Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OUTR in Rio de Janerio Day 5

Meeting with Brazilian Olympic Commission
Today we had the privilege of going to the headquarters of the BOC and discuss with them their plans and  approach into how they are preparing Rio for the 2016 olympic games. 
The video that will start playing below automatically (please be patient-50mb file) is the animated 2016 MasterPlan that was prepared by the BOC for their bid to the IOC and kindly provided to us after the meeting.  They were (as you can imagine) a very interesting group to meet with, and ask questions of how they intend to deal not only with the amount of infrastructure that they either have to update or provide, but also concerns of safety for international tourists attending the events.
Without doubt this is their biggest challenge which the BOC were quite open to talk about.  Many of the venues are intended to be upgraded, and those that are being built we be done well before time and ready for the World Cup, which Brazil will host in 2014.  The main focus will be in upgrading transport infrastructure and key areas all over Rio.