Monday, July 19, 2010

QRioCity - Melbourne

Scavenger hunt in Melbourne! Find the coded objects hidden in the city and decode them with your mobile phone. Discover links to the virtual world and hidden clues in the real world. What will you explore? How closely will you need to look? Where will the trail lead you?

'Point Zero' is an installation that tests the decoding of the QR code through distortion and utilising a method similar to that of optical art.

The code is projected onto a number of fragmented planes that also sit in space at different points within the frame. In doing so, the code is distorted from all perspectives except one privileged point.

Can you find the single point of perspective and decode this piece of the treasure hunt?

1. Development of Rhino model
2. Nesting and numbering individual pieces onto 600 x 800mm sized sheets.
3. Laser Cutteing positive and negative pieces
4. Painting positive pieces (white) and negative pieces (black).

5. Fixing negative pieces in correct position on positive pieces.

6. Fixing facets to each other using metal angles and screws 
7. Fixing clusters of facets to the pre-built, free standing frame structure.
8. Rolling the installation into location.

Location: Behind building 8 and Storey Hall, 360 Swanston st, Melbourne

Dates: Fri 16th of July to Fri 23rd of July
Cost: Free