Friday, August 27, 2010

RMIT Landscape Architecture Lecture Series

OUTR Designs the AUS Pavilion at the Shanghai Design Biennial

OUTR participates in Peculiar Places Exhibition

OUTR’s “Peculiar Places” entry evolves from five individually chosen “Peculiar Places” each existing at different scales and locations world wide.

The deconstruction of these spaces into components reveals a set of design tools enabling us to begin designing spatially, allowing the design process to evolve from basic analysis.

The transformation of our “Peculiar Places” components into a layer that responds to Melbourne City Grid reconfigures the grid and tests the ability of utilising analytical data as a design tool.

The model reveals a sense of distortion, optical illusion by utilising a network like layer embedded within the existing landscape, redefining new moments of peculiarity.

ADC - Cities Summit Exhibition

OUTR was invited to exhibit their projects within the international summit hosted by the Australian Davos Connection and VicUrban. OUTR presented two of their leading urban design projects, Lake Tai and Chongqing both situated in China to the existing Prime Minister of Australia Mr. Kevin Rudd.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

OUTR selected for the BatYam Biennale of Landscape Urbanism 2010, Israel

OUTR have been selected from over 500 people from 40 countries to participate in this years Bat Yam Biennale of Landscape Urbanism. The 72 hrs of Urban Action will be documented live on the OUTR blog, more posts on the event to follow.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

OUTR Project Poster

Kerb18 PlastiCity FantastiCity Launch / Exhibition

Kerb 18 Launch
Journal of Landscape Architecture

With special guest Clark Thenhaus and jury member Elizabeth Delfs

Kerb18 PlastiCity FantastiCity is the search for the future city. It interrogates the design of current cities and hyper-escalates ideas to a fictional realm, taking concepts to the brink of sanity. It aims to produce a collaboration of designers from different fields to produce less selfish ownership of designs.

The launch / exhibition will present and exhibit the place getters of the International Design Ideas Competition PlastiCity FantastiCity, held in late 2009, displaying works from the top 20 panels as well as pieces from Perth visual artist Elizabeth Delfs, and American architect Clark Thenhaus.

Clark Thenhaus is an architect and design teacher. In his exclusive kerb18 article, Clark takes us back in time to the early 1930s and introduces us to Jepeto Rambunctious, a man on a mission to save Middle America from the catastrophic dustbowl caused by an inelastic Jeffersonian Grid.

Cover image by Clark Thenhaus /

Public Lecture by feature article writer Clark Thenhaus 
6:00 - 7.00pm
RMIT Casey Plaza
Enter from La Trobe Street
Building 10 Level 4 Bowen Street Melbourne
VIC Australia 3000

Launch / Exhibition
7:30pm - late
1000 £ Bend Gallery
361 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne
VIC Australia 3000

For more information visit Kerb18 PlastiCity FantastiCity website.

OUTR Physical Office and Portal

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OUTR's New Home Under Construction

Some time next year, OUTR will move into it new home embedded within RMIT's new Design Hub on the Corner of Swanston and Victoria Streets. For more information about the Design Hup or Sean Godsell Architects, the designers check out the web address below.

OUTR's New Member, Fidel, Sleeping on the Job

Fractured Landscapes

OUTR's Physical Portal

OUTR moved into its new premises, come and say hello. Were located within Building 88, Level 5, Room 1, 440 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Exploration through Physical Modelling

OUTR Branding

OUTR has been building its new image in collaboration with Graphic Designer Sean Hogan from Trampoline Design. OUTR utilized the business card to represent a field of various grey, black and white tones of the logo to produce the image. 

OUTR's New Member, Fidel

A few weeks ago we welcomed our newest member to the OUTR crew, Fidel. A miniature Dachshund (sausage dog).

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sol.A Has a new home at RMIT's Alumni Courtyard

Today with the trusty help of some Landscape Architecture Masters students SOL.a was moved to its new home within RMIT's Alumni Court Yard, adjacent to the Old Melbourne Jail. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OUTR selected for Second Stage in the Design Challenge 2010

OUTR has been selected to participate in the second stage The Design Research Institute’s annual Design Challenge which is one of Australia’s most innovative design competitions. Each year it focuses on a topical and urgent issue. In 2010, the Institute is calling for trans-disciplinary teams of researchers, and industry, government and community experts to form and contribute design proposals in response to crime.

For More information click on the link below

OUTR to Design and Exhibit at the Shanghai Design Biennial, China

OUTR has been selected to exhibit and design the State of Victoria exhibition at this years Shanghai Design Biennale during September this year. 

The following is the mission statement  by the biennial organisation.
Shanghai Design Biennial (SDB), which had been successfully held four times, is becoming a worldwide platform of communication and exchange in deign industry, boasting in its innovative themes, events and styles. At every event, the top design masters gathered in Shanghai, with the most amazing design products showing off at scene, making SDB a design ceremony for China and the rest of the world. The idea of Design System that SDB is always advocating is widely spread in China. Through the channel of SDB, companies improved their capacity of independent innovation, and enhanced the competitiveness of their products.
Shanghai Design Biennial is awarded the honorable title of “Excellent Convention and Exhibition in Shanghai” and “Excellent Convention & Exhibition Projects in Yangtze Delta Region of China”. SDB is committed to build up a performing stage for designs, and integrating the individual parts of innovation, design, manufacturing, trade and investment of all professional institutions. That is a big opportunity for exhibitors and participants to seize the right moment of market expanding.

OUTR Speaking at Singapore's ArchiFest Forum

OUTR's Rosalea Monacella will be speaking at the upcoming ArchiFest '10. This years forum in Singapore will run in e from the 3rd to the 31st of October.

This years themes explore the possibilities of developing cities into apparatus for ‘Happiness’ - an often elusive but a quintessential component of human aspiration. “Happy Cities” postulates a more refreshing way to benchmark quality built environments and sustainable urban setting. 
With pressing issues of the environmental upheavals, extensive inequality, proliferation of slums and depletion of natural resources, what parts can the urban and architectural fraternity play to engineer “happiness” in these trying conditions? How can we pursue this new index of urban living in a commercially domineering climate that propagates idiosyncratic or iconic, rather than social aspirations in architecture? How can urban spaces and buildings be generators of social cohesion, with positive contribution to community and built environment?
Through a collection of built and speculative architectural and urban projects with varying socio-economical, political and cultural conditions, Happy Cities sets different yardsticks and definition of sense of place and spaces, to challenge conventional notion of sustainable urban living. Offering a glimpse of the bold new world that awaits us, ArchiFest proposes our measures of happiness, and share solutions, even utopian ideals to continue the development of our cities as sites for thriving and sustainable urban, cultural and social life.

For more information click on the link below

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

QRioCity Bumped Out

QR has unfortunately met its fate today on the streets of Melbourne, due to pragmatic reasons of fitting it within the buildings elevators.

Monday, August 2, 2010

ADC Cities Summit

OUTR was invited to exhibit their projects with the international summit hosted by the Australian Davos Connection and VicUrban during the month of March. OUTR presented two of their leading urban design projects, Lake Tai and Chongqing both situated in China.