Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kerb18 PlastiCity FantastiCity Launch / Exhibition

Kerb 18 Launch
Journal of Landscape Architecture

With special guest Clark Thenhaus and jury member Elizabeth Delfs

Kerb18 PlastiCity FantastiCity is the search for the future city. It interrogates the design of current cities and hyper-escalates ideas to a fictional realm, taking concepts to the brink of sanity. It aims to produce a collaboration of designers from different fields to produce less selfish ownership of designs.

The launch / exhibition will present and exhibit the place getters of the International Design Ideas Competition PlastiCity FantastiCity, held in late 2009, displaying works from the top 20 panels as well as pieces from Perth visual artist Elizabeth Delfs, and American architect Clark Thenhaus.

Clark Thenhaus is an architect and design teacher. In his exclusive kerb18 article, Clark takes us back in time to the early 1930s and introduces us to Jepeto Rambunctious, a man on a mission to save Middle America from the catastrophic dustbowl caused by an inelastic Jeffersonian Grid.

Cover image by Clark Thenhaus /

Public Lecture by feature article writer Clark Thenhaus 
6:00 - 7.00pm
RMIT Casey Plaza
Enter from La Trobe Street
Building 10 Level 4 Bowen Street Melbourne
VIC Australia 3000

Launch / Exhibition
7:30pm - late
1000 £ Bend Gallery
361 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne
VIC Australia 3000

For more information visit Kerb18 PlastiCity FantastiCity website.