Friday, July 17, 2009

OUTR Joins Design Laboratory Forum

OUTR will be taking part in this years Design Laboratory workshops and forums developed by Studio Propeller and delivered in partnership with key educational and institutional partners on Saturday 18 July, 10am - 6.30pm.

These events bring leading thinkers together to examine, articulate and broadcast future opportunities for design, research and industry to collaborate in ecologically, socially and commercially beneficial ways. Design Laboratory operates within a space where design can be used to assist the connection of research and technology to actual need. During the 2009 State of Design Festival Design Laboratory presented 'the 2040 City' - a series of workshops on the future of the city of Melbourne, covering mobility, water, energy, built environment, and the community. Built Systems 2040 was presented by RMIT University, Human Systems 2040 by Swinburne Design, Mobility Systems by Crowd Productions. The City of Melbourne presented '2040 City' as a Melbourne Conversation public forum during the festival.