Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OUTR to Design and Exhibit at the Shanghai Design Biennial, China

OUTR has been selected to exhibit and design the State of Victoria exhibition at this years Shanghai Design Biennale during September this year. 

The following is the mission statement  by the biennial organisation.
Shanghai Design Biennial (SDB), which had been successfully held four times, is becoming a worldwide platform of communication and exchange in deign industry, boasting in its innovative themes, events and styles. At every event, the top design masters gathered in Shanghai, with the most amazing design products showing off at scene, making SDB a design ceremony for China and the rest of the world. The idea of Design System that SDB is always advocating is widely spread in China. Through the channel of SDB, companies improved their capacity of independent innovation, and enhanced the competitiveness of their products.
Shanghai Design Biennial is awarded the honorable title of “Excellent Convention and Exhibition in Shanghai” and “Excellent Convention & Exhibition Projects in Yangtze Delta Region of China”. SDB is committed to build up a performing stage for designs, and integrating the individual parts of innovation, design, manufacturing, trade and investment of all professional institutions. That is a big opportunity for exhibitors and participants to seize the right moment of market expanding.