Sunday, November 29, 2009

OUTR Wins DawnTown International Competition in Miami, USA

OUTR has been awared first prize in for the DawnTown 2009 Competition for Miami Metromover with the project Cayalytic diaphragm. 

The project provides a proposed metromover station as a place of interaction, a node and an icon within the urban fabric of downtown Miami.  The station is the catalyser of a new urban landscape that flows gently from  he Burle Marx sidewalks to the museum plaza through slopes and ramps connecting all activities in the icentennial Park.
The building mediates between the museums and the station through a screen that can present; science  documentaries, art installations or public performances, becoming an interactive diaphragm that will transform the experience of the visitor in the continuous interior-exterior plaza linking the new museums of Miami.  

To check out the video of the project submission click below. 

The jury's statement said the project addresses the competition vision, finding a solution for the most critical adjacent space while unifying both adjacent museums whilst creating alternative programs such as a public theater.
The project submission is of a profound gesture, yet is of a scale that makes sense and is exciting and engaging on many different levels. 
The Metromover tracks and platform are reconfigured in a logical and efficient manner while acting as a new icon. The space has a high level of functionality, addresses people, activating the plaza and creating a community.
It celebrates and share art with the public and serves as a dynamic public space for both museums to program together. The use of screen and plaza generates revenue and opportunities for Miami Dade County.