Monday, October 4, 2010

‘Sukkah City’ Competition (now this is more like it).

Note, the text and images below were first posted atArchicentral  

‘Sukkah City’ Competition Entry By visiondivision

The concept is designed by Visiondivision as their competition entry for ‘Sukkah City‘, where designers / architects were asked to design a modern Sukkah – a temporary hut created for an annual Jewish Harvest Festival – in Union Square, New York City. Called ‘Hollow’ the structure consists of an organic pavilion that changes the conditions for social interaction and behavior, using compression to hold the structure together.

Some further information from visiondivision:

“A large number of design constraints where implied in the competition, for example the sukkah had to have a roof made out of branches, but they couldn’t be in bundles, there of our construction technique, using compression.