Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Design Challenge - 24hr Safe City

RMIT Design Research link to Shortlisted Entries

Project description

The projects objective is to facilitate exploration of safe 24 hour city strategies, using advanced
technologies involving interactive, agent-based simulations of user-defined scenarios.
We plan to develop an extensive open source exploratory tool that will provide a basis for diverse, ongoing
work in relation to generating safer 24hour cities.

We propose a city generator and renewal package. This package consists of 3 parts:
1. A design proposal for an adaptive transformation process of the urban landscape which engages
in three scales; the large, medium and small and three operations; observation, speculation and

2. An identity and communication strategy for the proposal which aims in involving all citizens in the
process of transforming their city into a centre that is resilient to crime.

3. An interactive, agent-based simulator that utilizes an active tool box that speculates on various urban
strategies which responds to policies and generates user-defined scenarios.