Monday, November 22, 2010

SuperfantasticRIO Design Studio_Student Work

Amongst the many things that ‘site’ might be, it is often defined by physical limit determining boundaries of ownership, action, and consequence, as well as scales of influence, resonance, and effect. The ambition of this research is to explore the notion of ‘site’ as a construction of a design process made through the act of representation.

The research project is to design the Waterfront of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Like many cities around the world, including London’s Canary Wharf, Barcelona’s 1992 Olympics, Melbourne’s Docklands, Melbourne’s Birarungmar, and Sydney’s proposed Barangaroo to name a few, the city of Rio de Janeiro realises its opportunity to develop its redundant waterfront as a means of rejuvenating and redefining itself.

This project will consider the city as a living thing in a complex ever changing world of rapid urbanization. It will require you to ask questions such as, what are the potentials of this project, how do you grow a city, could this site be a park and what kind of park could that be, what relationship is to be constructed between the water and the city, who will inhabit this site, and how will this redefine the city?

Making transforms and challenges ideas, whether they are unreal ideas of the imagination, or realised ideas of physical being in the world.

The act of making will be employed to interrogate how emergent form is generated through the dynamic medium of the landscape meeting the dynamic act of making, and how this might contribute to Design.

Paul Ahern and Nikki Hill
Jenna Emmanouilides and Francisco Illescas
Wen Sun
Samuel Steenholdt, Alice Lewis and Justin Walsh
Chris Armstrong
Benjamin Fleming, Aryen Liaw and Hiroshi Yoshinaga
Mi wang and Phillip Smith
Adrian Keene and Emmaline Bowman
Adrian Rivalland and Tristan Andrews
Fletcher Hawkins and Brooke Bisset
Chao Sun

Course Leaders:
Craig Douglas and Greg Afflick

Thanks to:
Andrew Thompson
Karl Fender
Marieluise Jonas

Click the link below to view some of the students work.
Hetroscape: Benjamin Fleming, Aryen Liaw and Hiroshi Yoshinaga
Hetroscape: Benjamin Fleming, Aryen Liaw and Hiroshi Yoshinaga

Carnival: Jenna Emmanouilides and Francisco Illescas