Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Physicist Solves the City

"Geoffrey West set out to solve the City. As he points out, this is an intellectual problem with immense practical implications. Urban population growth is the great theme of modern life, one that’s unfolding all across the world, from the factory boomtowns of Southern China to the sprawling favelas of Rio de Janeiro. As a result, for the first time in history, the majority of human beings live in urban areas. (The numbers of city dwellers are far higher in developed countries — the United States, for instance, is 82 percent urbanized.) Furthermore, the pace of urbanization is accelerating as people all over the world flee the countryside and flock to the crowded street."

Published: December 17, 2010, New York Times
for more info click New York Times

Saturday, December 18, 2010

OUTR Finalist of Griffintown Competition, Montreal, Canada

OUTR's Re-Hiding is a finalist for the Signal House proposition in the Griffintown Competition, Montreal, Canada. To read more please visit the Griffintown Competition Web page.
(30 November – 06 December 2010) Participants and the public were invited to join an online debate about the proposals, leading up to a vote on the proposals shortlisted by the jury. (07 December – 17 January 2010) Finalist proposals will become part of an open-ended design scheme for Griffintown, in a digital exhibition and digital publication which engage users, designers and jurists.

OUTR Making Tron Legacy

OUTR Making Tron- Birth of Computer Animation

Monday, December 13, 2010

reTUR(n)INGmatter by Jose Sanchez

Also please visit their blog: GENWARE which is part of Biothing Research with Alisa Andrasek

reTUR(n)INGmatter from Jose Sanchez on Vimeo.

Koyaanisqatsi & Baraka Remixed

Could it get any better, Koyaanisqatsi & Baraka remixed wtih some of my favourite music. Enjoy.

One Hundred and Eight Interactive Installation

This is a fantastic installation constructed with garbage bags by Nils Völker which we recently discovered. We particularly like the sound of the piece.

2.40 x 1.80 m
fans, plastic bags, MDF, relays,
a camera, a computer, a microcontroller
and countless screws

One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation from Nils Völker on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Interactive Projection Systems

Recently OUTR has been discussing new sensory technologies emerging in the fields of the arts,dance and installations in the public realms. What we discovered was two of the following videos that explore the relationships between a moving body and motion graphics using an infrared camera tracking system.

The first video 'Glow' from the Australian dance company Chunky Move, is an illuminating choreographic essay by Artistic Director Gideon Obarzanek and interactive software creator Frieder Weiss.

"Beneath the glow of a sophisticated video tracking system, a lone organic being mutates in and out of human form into unfamiliar, sensual and grotesque creature states. Utilising the latest in interactive video technologies a digital landscape is generated in real time in response to the dancer’s movement. The body’s gestures are extended by and in turn manipulate the video world that surrounds it, rendering no two performances exactly the same" http://chunkymove.com.au/Our-Works/Current-Productions/Glow.aspx

Also fellow Australian musician Kylie Minogue has also explored this medium through her recent music video Get Outta My Way, directed by British directing team AlexandLiane and live projections again by Frieder Weiss.

Gideon Obarzanek’s Digital Moves from PopTech on Vimeo.

Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My Way on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

OUTR @ Design Challenge 2010 Exhibition

Last month OUTR shortlisted proposal "24 hour city" was exhibited at Melbourne's GPO building as a part of the 2010 Design Challenge Crime. The challenge is run by the Design Research Institute at RMIT University, supported by the City of Melbourne, Design Victoria, Australian International Design Awards, Standards Australia and the State of Design.

Images by Mila Robles Copyright ©

Team Members - Greg Afflick, Craig Douglas, Thomas Harper, Janie Lambert, Edward CrosslandJoseline Setiawan, Effie Zarfirakis, Kathryn English (Absent) Rosalea Monacella, Fabio Zambetta

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lake Eyre Filling Up

For those who live in South-East Australia, you would be getting quite used to the latest extreme rainfall we have been experiencing. One of the biggest events that OUTR has observed from this unusually wet period has been the excessive water collection in Australia's largest inland lake, Lake Eyre. This usually dry salt lake in the state of South Australia has swelled in recent weeks cutting off most access to the area.

Check out the satellite images from December the 1st.
Landsat image from Geoscience Australia

3D Holgraphic Prints

Today Andrew Thompson the digital fabrication manager at RMIT Architecture and Design department introduced us to the world of Holographic digital prints. This really has to be seen to be believed. This new technology produced by Sebra Imaging, based in the United States will potentially revolutionise the way we represent 3d data in a true 3d format.  

There is no need for 3d glasses to view the image and because of its light weight and 2 mm thickness, it can be easily transportable. Only downfall at the moment is the cost, a image just under an A3 size will set you back from $700 to $3,500 USD. 

Check out below some links that shows how this technology potencially can be used. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OUTR Shortlisted for Griffintown Competition, Montreal, Canada

This week OUTR entry 'Re:Hiding' was shortlisted for the Signal House as a part of the Griffentown international ideas competition in Montreal Canada.

The competition invited participants to speculate on temporary habitation and the potenical of post industrial sites for developing dynamic, incremental architecture. Each project had to respond to a temporal and flexable conditions, and retro-fit existing strutures that had the ability to transform over time.

"Griffintown is widely considered to be one of Canada’s earliest industrial neighbourhoods, whose future has been uncertain ever since the postindustrial decline of the 50s. Today this indeterminacy remains, as Griffintown hovers on the precipice between its industrial past and an urban future. Empty lots and low-level industry sit alongside apartments and artists’ studios. While municipal plans for the demolition and redevelopment of large swaths of the area are in place, many citizens insist that highrise condominiums are not the only answer. As this debate rages on, Griffintown Interrupted proposes a third focus for the debate: neither past (restoration) nor future (redevelopment), but present. How can short term projects expand the existing community?" griffintowninterrupted.net

To vote for our entry please visit the Griffentown Website and click on Re:Hiding in the top right hand corner of the page.