Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OUTR Shortlisted for Griffintown Competition, Montreal, Canada

This week OUTR entry 'Re:Hiding' was shortlisted for the Signal House as a part of the Griffentown international ideas competition in Montreal Canada.

The competition invited participants to speculate on temporary habitation and the potenical of post industrial sites for developing dynamic, incremental architecture. Each project had to respond to a temporal and flexable conditions, and retro-fit existing strutures that had the ability to transform over time.

"Griffintown is widely considered to be one of Canada’s earliest industrial neighbourhoods, whose future has been uncertain ever since the postindustrial decline of the 50s. Today this indeterminacy remains, as Griffintown hovers on the precipice between its industrial past and an urban future. Empty lots and low-level industry sit alongside apartments and artists’ studios. While municipal plans for the demolition and redevelopment of large swaths of the area are in place, many citizens insist that highrise condominiums are not the only answer. As this debate rages on, Griffintown Interrupted proposes a third focus for the debate: neither past (restoration) nor future (redevelopment), but present. How can short term projects expand the existing community?"

To vote for our entry please visit the Griffentown Website and click on Re:Hiding in the top right hand corner of the page.