Monday, February 28, 2011

OUTR Runs 'Game On' Design Studio

Over the last 2 weeks, Rosalea Monacella and Craig Douglas have run an intensive upper pool studio called 'Game On'

The Game On Design Research Studio explores the landscape design project as one of strategy, opportunity and multi scenarios. It considers site as a game board, a set of complex systems and operations from which a design emerges, plugs in, responds and reconfigures.

The studio is intended to respond to the challenges of a complex rapidly changing world through innovative design at the juncture of the urban and natural environments. We will explore how we might design UP from the landscape that includes a deep knowledge of systems and relationships that is the non static data field of landscape architecture.

Redundant and out-moded industrial city waterfronts are the new territory for the renewal and expansion of cities around the world, this studio is to respond to the Second Decade of the Melbourne Docklands objectives, We will explore emerging opportunities and necessities in the Melbourne Docklands, and will act as a think tank for new ideas and solutions to urban waterfront environments. This will include examining convergent issues that will define and articulate key design led solutions needed to enable a highly mobile, efficient and sustainable living environment for a rapidly changing population demographic in the Melbourne Docklands.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update on Griffintown Interrupted

Late last year OUTR's Re-Hiding became a finalist and won for the Signal House proposition in the Griffintown Competition, Montreal, Canada. Recently the organisers held an exhibition which was attended by two hundred guests at the opening reception, celebrating Griffintown and 40 transformative architectural interventions. If you are interested in more images form the event please click here to visit their Flickr page. Also there is going to be a digital publication launch in March, so we will post as details come to hand........

Competition background info:
Participants and the public were invited to join an online debate about the proposals, leading up to a vote on the proposals shortlisted by the jury. (07 December – 17 January 2010) Finalist proposals will become part of an open-ended design scheme for Griffintown, in a digital exhibition and digital publication which engage users, designers and jurists.

Photos below by Alexis Schneider

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Recently we have been doing plenty of testing in an attempt to find better ways to animate and represent complexity within the landscapes dynamic systems. Above is a short animation that was rendered off as an initial test towards this.
We expect that our testing with this tool will expand our ability to understand, simulate, represent, visualise and push our designs, not to mention what this means for Landscape Architecture and the default practice of many design firms (including us at times), to rely heavily and only on static conventions and modes of working. For us this is not just about visualisation in a traditional sense, but rather and more importantly a tool with which we can drive and embed into our design process and outcomes.
Thanks must also go to imakeu for the non-animated base tutorial file.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Conceptual Masterplan proposal approved, and to be built.......

OUTRs Conceptual Masterplan proposal for a Hotel Complex and Mountain Resort near Lake Taihu Bay in China is set to be built.
The work has been approved and we will now be continuing into stage 2, detailing...
Please also click here to visit our web site to view part of the Conceptual Masterplan Animation.

Overview of the masterplanView of the hotel entrance

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OUTR Blog Updated

Monster Cyclone approaching Coast

The raw power of the planet is once again on display in Queensland...... Evacuations are under way in North Queensland as communities along the coast prepare for a Cyclone Yasi that has stunned experienced weather watchers with its size and force.It's expected to cross the coast as a severe category four (just days after Cyclone Anthony (CAT 2)), with winds gusting up to 250km/h, very late on Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Read more...

Click here to see updated image