Monday, February 28, 2011

OUTR Runs 'Game On' Design Studio

Over the last 2 weeks, Rosalea Monacella and Craig Douglas have run an intensive upper pool studio called 'Game On'

The Game On Design Research Studio explores the landscape design project as one of strategy, opportunity and multi scenarios. It considers site as a game board, a set of complex systems and operations from which a design emerges, plugs in, responds and reconfigures.

The studio is intended to respond to the challenges of a complex rapidly changing world through innovative design at the juncture of the urban and natural environments. We will explore how we might design UP from the landscape that includes a deep knowledge of systems and relationships that is the non static data field of landscape architecture.

Redundant and out-moded industrial city waterfronts are the new territory for the renewal and expansion of cities around the world, this studio is to respond to the Second Decade of the Melbourne Docklands objectives, We will explore emerging opportunities and necessities in the Melbourne Docklands, and will act as a think tank for new ideas and solutions to urban waterfront environments. This will include examining convergent issues that will define and articulate key design led solutions needed to enable a highly mobile, efficient and sustainable living environment for a rapidly changing population demographic in the Melbourne Docklands.