Monday, July 30, 2012

Upcoming European Biennial of Landscape Architecture

"Due to our circumstances most territorial and cultural disciplines are ranging from anxiety and emergence. Thus, the VII Biennial of Landscape Barcelona claims to be both a catalyst for doubt and a driver to illusions and changes in the field of Landscape Architecture.

The announcing of this year’s event suggests interest in discovering new ways of action, while exploring inhospitable areas and guiding discussion towards rethinking old certainties and providing new sensitivities certitudes. Biennial against Biennial wants to be present at the discussion of what should be the landscape design and planning nowadays , aiming to provide a plausible (and exciting) future.

Consequently, the biennial will review formats, formulas, concepts and professional practice objectives while watching herself critically as the main living platform for European Landscape and watchtower of the International Landscape Architecture movements."
OUTR is in the process of rebuilding their web sites and social media connections. 
Stay tuned....
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Friday, July 27, 2012

OUTR Blog Updated

Long, Long overdue the blog has under gone some new updates and consolidations.
We have now added a RSS feed to the urban realities blog, OUTR tubes Links, OUTR Flikr stream and a twitter feed. This will now be home base for all great stuff we find and share with the www.