Friday, October 26, 2012

Transiting Cities - Symposium Video


Dr. Lee Stickells
Senior Lecturer and Director, Master of Architecture Program, University of Sydney

Cr Ed Vermeulen
Mayor, Latrobe City Council

Dr. Darryn Snell
Senior Lecturer, Centre for Sustainable Organisations and Work, RMIT University

Jock Gilbert
Foundation Studio Coordinator and Lecturer, Landscape Architecture Program, RMIT University

Richard Elkington
Chair, Regional Development Australia (Gippsland)

Esther Anatolitis
Director, Regional Arts Victoria, Co-Curator, Architecture + Philosophy

Prof. Donald Bates
Director, Lab Architecture Studio, Director, Architecture Program, Melbourne University

Dr Julian Bolleter
Assistant Prof. Australian Urban Design Research Centre (AUDRC)

Dr Flora Salim
Research Fellow, SIAL, RMIT University

Andrew Wisdom
Principal, ARUP

Prof Andrew Benjamin
Professor of Critical Theory and Philosophical Aesthetics, Monash University

Prof Daine Alcorn
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research & Innovation, RMIT University

Enriqueta Llabres
Director, Relational Urbanism, Visiting Studio Director, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

The OUTR Team including:

Ass. Prof Rosalea Monacella
Co-Director OUTR, Assoc Prof. Landscape Architecture, RMIT University

Tom Harper
Research Fellow OUTR, School of Architecture & Design, RMIT University

Craig Douglas
Co-Director OUTR, Senior Lecturer Landscape Architecture, RMIT University

We would like to thank our Sponsors:
RMIT University
Office of Urban Transformations Research (OUTR)
Federation Square
Latrobe City Council
Design Research Institute
Regional Development Australia (Gippsland)
Department of Primary Industries (Clean Coal Victoria)
Latrobe Regional Gallery

Filming and Production
Kelly Bosman & Luisa Mirabilio
College of Design and Social Context
RMIT Media and Communications