Saturday, December 22, 2012

Honorable Mention: Transiting Cities Low Carbon Futures Design Ideas Competition

Fields of Synergy

Team Name: PUPA
Team Members: Justina Muliuolyte, Tadas Jonauskis
Country of Origin: Netherlands

Project Description ( Short Description)

Latrobe is facing a challenge to control its growth based on changing conditions in industry, economy and lifestyle. Fields of synergy give unique opportunity to create exclusive and outstanding future. It is a strategy for re-inventing, overlapping and mixing transiting territories. It generates development and creates space for improvement. Such areas combine nature, urban, production and resource fields together.

There is natural exchange of land, infrastructure, mobility, people, economic activities, water, energy and waste-products. Smart management of these fields allows preparing for the future changes, recovering overused territories and improving living environment of existing. Synergy is achieved by combining, re-cycling and cascading principles.

Synergies of combining overlap economies, habitats, and activities so they can exchange knowledge, products and resources. Synergies appear in double use of landscapes, shared services and shared environments.

Synergies of re-cycling take wasted products, buildings, objects and territories to create new function and meaning.

Synergies of cascading create a cycle of re-using the rest products, rest land as a source of the other economies or other habitats.

Latrobe 2050: new spin off economies are developed from the mining industry; community lifestyles become unique and variable; new flexible mobility connects region into one entity; new tactics for food production is applied; renewable energy takes over brown energy; region increases biodiversity; natural resources are smartly managed.