Friday, December 21, 2012

Winners: Transiting Cities Low Carbon Futures Design Ideas Competition

On Friday 14th December, 2012 the Latrobe City Transiting Cities Low Carbon Futures Design Ideas Competition Winners were announced.

The range of entries submitted from around the world has contributed to the development of a rich, stimulating, and diverse field of enquiry into the issue of the changing nature of cities.

The final results from the judging process are as follows;

Transiting Cities Design Ideas Competition Winners

Winner: 1st Prize
Project Name: Reassembling Flows
Team Name: Parallax Landscape
Team Members: Kees Lokman, Yu Ding, Melissa How
Country of Origin: Missouri, United States

Runners up: Second Prize
Project Name: Dirty to Mighty: Brown is the new Green
Team Name: Daichi
Team Members: Daichi Yamashita
Country of Origin: Toyko, Japan

Honourable Mention
Project Name: Networked Ecologies: Rethinking Remediation
Team Name: Studio One
Team Members: Mona Ghandi, Carlos Sandoval, Hassan Sazmand
Country of Origin: Arizona, United States

Honourable Mention
Project Name: Hydraulic Network
Team Name: Truitt Foug Architects
Team Members: William Truitt, Carolyn Foug, Marsha Bowden, Adam Wong
Country of Origin: Texas, United States

Honourable Mention
Project Name: Fields of Synergy
Team Name: PUPA
Team Members: Justina Muliuolyte, Tadas Jonauskis
Country of Origin: Netherlands

Student Winner
Project Name: The 2nd Law
Team Name: Explorers
Team Members: Carl Hong, Farah Dakkak, Brad Clothier
Country of Origin: Australia
University: RMIT University

Student Honourable Mention
Project Name: Twin Quarries
Team Name: DMDR
Team Members: Daniela Miller, David Rohr
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
University: University of Edinburgh