Monday, January 21, 2013

Transiting Cities - Exhibition

The winners of the Transiting Cities – Low Carbon Futures competition were announced at the dedicated exhibition opening on Friday 14 December, 2012. The competition is a part of an ongoing research project conducted by The Office of Urban Transformations Research (OUTR) at RMIT University.

The design ideas competition was open to designers from around the world; landscape architects, architects, urban planners and associated design disciplines to develop innovative visions for Latrobe City, in eastern Victoria, Australia to make the transition from a singular economy dominated by the power industry (coal mining and electricity generation) into a diversified economy and prosperous low carbon regional city.

The range of entries submitted from around the world has contributed to the development of a rich, stimulating, and diverse field of enquiry into the issue of the changing nature of cities and the issue of low carbon futures.

View of the exhibition space with the printed and projected entries

Entrance to the exhibition with information boards

Competition site model

Competition site model - Various frames from the projected animation
From left: Richard Elkington, Chair of Regional Development Victoria (Gippsland) and competition judge; RMIT student winners Farah Dakkak and Carl Hong; Lou Weis, Director, Broached Commissions and competition judge; and Councillor Peter Gibbons, Latrobe City Council.
OUTR Team from left: Peter Wang, Greg Afflick, Rosalea Monacella, Tom Harper & Craig Douglas
 Liz Herbert inspects the short-listed entries
Richard Elkington announces the winner of Transiting Cities competition

Associate Professor Vivian Mitsogianni from the Design Research Institute address the crow