Monday, May 27, 2013

Transting Cities - Reactivate - Conversation Series

Last Friday as a part of Design Research Insitute (DRI) - RMIT University Convergence exhibition, OUTR launched the second stage of the Transiting Cities Research Project - Reactivate.

The first of the Conversation Series question the speakers "How can we ReActivate ​cities for alternative futures?"

This forum aims to initially reflect on the first stage of the research and then projecting forward with key issues which formulate the focus for the next stage of the project This conference introduces how current practices are addressing the issue of transiting for cities and regional centres through three key areas:

ReActivate Through Creative Economies
ReGenerate The Urban Landscape
ReSkilling the Community & The Urban Landscape

Speakers included:

Rosalea Monacella - Director - OUTR  / A/Prof.  Of Landscape Architecture - School Of Architecture + Design - RMIT University​
Gretchen Wilkins - Program Director Urban Design RMIT University
​Rob Robson - ​Manager -  West Gippsland Art Centre
Marcus Westbury - Founder - Renew Australia - Renew Newcastle
John Calabro - Design/Director - The View From Here / Founder - Made in Gippsland
Jock Gilbert ​- Foundation Studio Coordinator & Lecturer - Landscape Arch. - School of Archtecture + Design, RMIT University
Enda Crossin​ - Program Director - Life Cycle Assessment - Centre For Design - RMIT University
Prof. Michael Buxton​ - ​Global, Urban and Social Studies - RMIT University
Kim Irons​ - Senior Advisor, Urban Design + Architecture - The Office of the Victorian Government Architect​
Peter Brew - Director - Architects Branch
Prof. Peter Fairbrother​ - Centre for Sustainable Organisations and Work - RMIT University