Thursday, March 13, 2014

DATA : Live Flight tracking visualisation

With all the news lately surrounding Qantas, and this week with the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 we thought we would share this visualisation tool called Flightradar24.

We have posted on similar aircraft flight path visualisation tools before, but this one seems a lot more comprehensive, and gives you the ability to not only view almost real time traffic, but also details on plane types, airports, and weather, just to name a few. Please see below for some live examples.  

How it works
Flightradar24 is a flight tracker that shows live air traffic from around the world. Flightradar24 combines data from several data sources including ADS-B, MLAT and FAA. The ADS-B, MLAT and FAA data is aggregated together with schedule and flight status data from airlines and airports to create a unique flight tracking experience on and in Flightradar24 apps.

Around Melbourne (Live Feed)

Some of the Qantas Planes (Screen Grab)  

World (Live Feed)