Thursday, June 26, 2014

Illuminate, a part of the broader Winter Night Festival 2014 in Morwell

Running time:5min16sec

Film Description:
Illuminate, is a Projection Festival in its first year that was distributed along the streets of Morwell to form a key part of the broader Winter Night Festival 2014.

The curated projections allow for an immersion in a visual wonderland of colourful patterns; featuring the works of up to 20 talented local and regional artists, brought together through local collaborations by OUTR.
They provide an opportunity for the community and visitors to explore the city of Morwell through the lighting up of storefronts, buildings, street corners and spaces that are often familiar, however become transformed by the projections.

The Winter Night Festival 2014, was held on 20th of June, and also featured a large array of market stalls, workshops and performances to showcase unique local enterprises, from market food and fresh produce, artists and makers, performers and community groups unique to the region.

The festival is focused on fostering an environment where the community can come together to celebrate renewed visions for the future of the region. It is an opportunity to recognize the great things happening in Latrobe and to reconnect with their origins in local communities.

Please view the individual artists projected works by visiting