Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Photogrammetry Scan Test 1

For the first test we used a Canon 700D, and the weather was far from ideal, with it raining as we were taking the images, and therefore there were a lot of wet reflective and shiny surfaces.

But as good a place as any starting place!

We would also like to point out that we have not optimised any of the settings unless stated, or we forgot to mention it. Sorry
We are using Photoscan for the software and then have taken the model into Maya. Please be aware there are others choices in software such as the free 123D catch by Autodesk.

The take away:
Well considering it was less than ideal photography weather, the resulting 3d model produced isn't too bad. A good start especially considering, we would be able to use something like this for bash Viz level work and detailed massing / proportions .

To try:
Other types of cameras
Other locations
Different weather and surface conditions
Different overlap percentages
Different numbers of images in set (to reduce processing times)
Different resolutions and type of capture, i.e. Static photo sets, Timed intervals and Video to then extract static frames.