Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Photogrammetry Scan Test 2

For this test we used a GoPro Hero3 and corrected the lens distortion in Photoshop before processing.
Again the weather was far from ideal, with it raining as we were taking the images and therefore there were a lot of wet reflective and shiny surfaces.

The take away:
Well this was a worse result than the first test, and we don't really know why other than the obvious. What we suspect is, that lens of the GoPro looked slightly damaged on closer observation, and maybe the performance of the focus and DOF wasn't ideal in the conditions. We of course had no control over this with a GoPro, and would still think that it would be a ideal choice for photogrammetry due to its size, weight, cost and capture methods. Especially in Drones!!!!
We also found this work Click Here  by Jonathan Sileoni on his blog that proves that it should work well.

To try:
Other types of cameras (iPhone and a point and shoot)
Other locations
Different weather and surface conditions
Different overlap percentages (landscape vs portrait)
Different numbers of images in set (to reduce processing times)
Different resolutions and type of capture, i.e. Static photo sets, Timed intervals and Video to then extract static frames.