Thursday, July 17, 2014

Photogrammetry Scan Test 3

For this test we used a CanonIXUS700 as a point and shoot.
Weather wasn't ideal with the shadows, but at least it was sunny for a brief period.

The take away:
It appears to be the best test we have done yet, though we knew this would be the case with the improve in the weather.
The major down side with this test is there is still no foreground being constructed in the point cloud, and will need the images to possibly have more areas of interest in common here. The mesh does look cleaner though, and could still be cleaned up a lot more in post if required.
We also tried video capture with this camera, however the output was only 640x360 in its video mode and the result was not ideal. Photoscans own documentation suggests using a resolution of at least 720p as a bare minimum.

To try:
Other types of cameras (iPhone)
Other locations
Different overlap percentages
Different numbers of images in set (to reduce processing times)
Different resolutions and type of capture, i.e. Static photo sets, Timed intervals and Video to then extract static frames.