Saturday, July 19, 2014

Photogrammetry Scan Test 5

For this test we again used a iphone5.
Weather was the best we have had yet, so we raced out and took some shots from the top of the Hub down onto the construction site next door.

The take away:
Wow This is more like it! We only took 7 or so images and it looks great, this is going to be hard to improve on, and reconfirms the work that is being done by companies like aerometrex through one of their models of Melbourne as seen here . No doubt the elevated positioning of where we took the images from was a big factor here, and clearly shows the potential of photogrammetry when developing models at the urban block, city scale and above, as also demonstrated by NASA and their DTM models. This isn't to say that photogrammetry isn't great for object based scanning, because it is as seen here.

To still try:
Test iPhone on shaded conditions
Other locations
Different overlap percentages