Sunday, July 20, 2014

Photogrammetry Scan Test 6

Now for something completely different, we have changed the site to a residential one, and returned to a canon 700D. However this time, instead of landscape we have gone portrait in an effort to change two things.
01. that the entire building height be captured in the shot, including more foreground capture without going to a fish eye type lens, AKA GoPro
02. to insure that we have sufficient overlay of 60 to 70 percent.

The take away:
Thats more like it! The street has been done and quite a lot of detail has been produced. The downside is that the image set is quite large, consisting of somewhere in the range of 120 images that are spread across 3 cluster groupings. We also turned the matching accuracy up to high, which meant the processing time was about 5hrs for everything, including Textures and a decimated mesh production. Not that bad really when compared to some of the processing of LiDAR sets.

To still try:
What about a drone?