Friday, July 25, 2014

VRI Hall LiDAR and Photogrammetry Scanning

On Wednesday 23rd we drove down to Traralgon to commence the scanning and surveying of the VRI hall and its surrounding using both a LiDAR system and some photogrammetry techniques that we have been discussing in posts prior to this one. 

We will be displaying some of the images and information collected on these two techniques in future posts.

Above: The rear of the hall

Above: The rear of the hall, seen from the view of a quadcopter

Above: The west of the hall and old tennis courts, seen from the view of a quadcopter

Above: Scanning the interior using LiDAR.

About the larger project: 
The Victorian Railways Institute (VRI) Hall is a community based project for the Traralgon Neighbourhood House’s & Digital Shed project and the Reactivate Latrobe Valley project.

For project information on the VRI Hall, please visit it on our web site by CLICKING HERE