Sunday, September 21, 2014

Entry Awarded Joint 2nd Place - New OUTR Project Release

Cronulla City Council announced our entry for their Design Ideas Competition joint second place, and we are still in the running for the People's Choice voting award. However, it would seem the odds are against us, as they have only put up one of our panels.

We have  also released the project to the www, called  in the loop_cronulla.
Please >>>>Click Here<<<< to see more via the official OUTR website.

Description extract:

‘In the Loop’ proposes a Cronulla Circuit that is continuously transformed to simultaneously be an event and stage a range of scheduled events in order to activate, connect, and celebrate Cronulla.

A new striated surface is coded through its glow in the dark lane markings and dot matrix. This coded surface acts as the host and organiser for the mobile set of components that organise the dynamic space in response to the yearlong calendar of events. The mobile components consist of unique tree planters and benches moved by an automated ‘walkie trolley jack’.