Tuesday, October 28, 2014

#24hour City: melbourne knowledge week -- Guardian Q&A ' Are 24-hour cities good for you?"

#24 hour city forum - Melbourne Knowledge Week Thursday 30th
#knowledgecity #knowledgeweek #24hourcity

Inner Melbourne continues to grow and thrive as a popular night time destination. The forum will bring together thinkers in public space and personal navigation technology to explore how to celebrate, develop, and contribute to the navigation of people through Melbourne at night.

The forum will explore ways to enhance and contribute to a healthy, safe, and enjoyable experience, and consequently contribute to the city's growth and vitality.

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Also recent dialogue from the #24 hour city article in the Guardian

"Cities may market themselves on being “24 hour” hubs, providing activities for their citizens around the clock – but is this what we want? What are the benefits and problems of a 24-hour city? How does the night-time economy impact the city and the wellbeing of its occupants of both day and night? Your thoughts