Friday, October 31, 2014

Students present ConnectiviCity Studio

Yesterday (30th Oct), students that had undertaken the ConnectiviCity Studio, lead by the OUTR Research Group had their final presentation. Congratulations to all the students involved.

We would also like to thank Bart Brands from Karres and Brands Landscape Architects, who was a special guest critic.

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About the studio:

The studio explored the landscape as a medium of urbanisation unfolding through designed events over time that define the Connected City and ‘address issues of cities and their making’.

The urban landscapes that are our cities are rarely defined by a single governing body, rather they are shaped over time through an assemblage of events enacted by a diverse range of stakeholders very often with differing ambitions. These events connect and shape the built environment, and significantly contribute to how we live and identify ourselves.

The studio will explore the design of events at a range of scales of time and space as a means of orchestrating, connecting, and shaping the urban landscape through the integration of the ecological function, and economic and social conditions that define the city as ‘Urban by Nature’.

The studio will operate on the City of Latrobe that currently exists in name only, and is not necessarily prescribed to by its constituent towns of Morwell, Moe and Traralgon. The challenge of the studio is to connect these towns through the landscape approached as a deployment of events that act to catalyse the stability and growth of the new connected Latrobe City.

This is a live project that will be engaging with key Latrobe City stakeholders (local government, community groups, specific industry representatives, etc), that seeks to address specific issues of the region, celebrate the unique qualities of place, and offer alternate futures.