Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nature's Cathedral (#GetParked) Construction Time-lapse Release

We have now been able to release the 3 day Construction Time-lapse for #GetParked on our website, youtube channel and of course below.

We also would like to personally give a big thank-you to our clients, partners and contractors.

Parks Victoria, Healthy Parks Healthy People
AILA, (Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, NSW)
IUCN  World Parks Congress Sydney 2014
Tripoint Rigging Services
Andreasens Green
Design Landscapes
Medical Simulation Supplies
2K labware
National Parks Service
Conservation Volunteers
Active in Parks 
Medibank Community Fund
RMIT University

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

IUCN World Parks Congress LAST DAY!! _ Nature's Cathedral (#GetParked)

Today is the final day of the World Parks Congress in Sydney_2014. If your are in Sydney we would highly recommend going to have a look!

If you can't, then please go to the website>> or the facebook page , to have a look at all the great work that has been happening regarding world parks this last week!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nature's Cathedral (#GetParked) Open to the congress

Nature's Cathedral (#GetParked) Buttons and Bags

Images say it all we think.

Nature's Cathedral (#GetParked) at the IUCN World Parks Congress

With today being the opening of the IUCN World Parks Congress, we can offically release the animation that we completed for the event, and that was also shown by AILA (NSW) last friday.

In coming posts we will be blogging on some of the completed images of the design and a time-lapse of the construction process.

above: the branding button for #getparked

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nature's Cathedral (#GetParked) It is Ready!!!

And we are done! The whole team are very happy not to mention tired, and we hope people enjoy GetParked!!! Time for pizza!

Nature's Cathedral (#GetParked) Team fitting out 2500 seedlings shelving

Assembling Flows - Nature's Cathedral at the IUCN World Parks Congress - Day 3

450 IV bags, filled with water and food dye form the inventory of our irrigation system.

Hanging the irrigation system one by one.

The irrigation network, calibrated to drip once every 30 seconds.

Some smaller details and finishing touches.

Nature's Cathedral (#GetParked) International Ranger station

The Rangers have finished setting out their area.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nature's Cathedral (#GetParked) Trees root ball fitout

The root ball of one of our 4.5 meter Hills Fig (Ficus hilli) being fitted with the hessian.

Ascending species - Nature's Cathedral at the IUCN World Parks Congress - Day 2

Up goes the scaffolding . . .

Figuring out our custom electronics, making the trees responsive to their environment. Now they make tweeting noises triggered by motion sensors.

The last of scaffolding is up, ready for suspending the canopy.

Ascending species, 2 days to go till Nature’s Cathedral!

Monday, November 10, 2014

From foundations to lift off - Nature's Cathedral at the IUCN World Parks Congress - Day 1

Laying the foundations of Nature’s Cathedral
OUTR are representing Parks Victoria for the IUCN World Parks Congress in Olympic Park, Sydney.

Show casing the OUTR temporary Sydney work station with all the essentials . . . . sewing machines, zip ties, jiffy pots, endless scaffolding and not to mention some post-lunch baclava.

The crew setting up nature’s life support: Calibrating a series of IV bags, supplying the trees with their essential need for water.

To be filled . . . turf bean bags, for your comfort. Sit down, relax and gaze up at the canopy.

Nature's Cathedral (#GetParked) Trees Cages Unloading

In order to support the trees and their weight we have specially designed and had produced steal cages to contain each trees root ball. Complete with drip tray!

Nature's Cathedral (#GetParked) Trees Unloading

The Trees are being unloaded as we speak/blog, and range from 8m (1000KG) to 4m (300kg)
Each of these will be suspended 3m above the ground, and will allow for circulation to pass directly underneath!

Nature's Cathedral (#GetParked) Trees Arrive at the Dome

On site this morning and it is all happening!
The trees have just arrived from our friends and project partners "Andreasens Green", which is very exciting!