Monday, December 1, 2014

New OUTR Project Release - Indisguise

We have released a new project to the www called Indisguise.
Please >>>>Click Here<<<<  to see more via the official OUTR website.

Description extract: 
In Disguise is the title of the proposed Moorabbin Junction project for the Street 14 Competition that intends to inspire and challenge our understanding of what a street, park, and square may be, and perhaps what they might be in defining public space in our cities.

What is public space?, I want change…, What is public?, Who owns the streets?, Who is the public?, Who owns this space?, Is it a park , Is it a street , A disguise…¸ Yes, it is hidden…, Is it a square, Is it a foyer, Life on the streets, A camouflage of what it could be, a, b, c, d or all of the above, Is it a shop, Is it a retail space, A prop-propped up, Is it a backyard, Is it a front yard, Is it a theatre,

We need change…