Monday, December 1, 2014

Spring Festival 2014

Held on 28th - 30th November, 2014
Commercial Road, Morwell

Thank you to everyone that made this a fantastic event! Please visit
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As promised, the Spring Design and Farmers Market and Festival did not disappoint. Hundreds gathered throughout the weekend on Commercial Rd and Tarwin St to be part of this exciting 3 day event. Locals, residents of surrounding towns, as well as people from Melbourne made their way to the festival to experience the creativity of the local community. This talent was demonstrated through live music and performances, various types of cuisines, art and design stalls that all set up a vibrant atmosphere in the town.

Friday Night saw both the Movie In The Park - (Free Event) that screened Chef and Frozen, as well as the Music In The Park / Pop-Up Park.

The event was free and open to anyone, which allowed for various demographics to interact in the one setting.The roads were closed and became entirely accessible by pedestrians

The ambition of this Spring Festival (Similar to previous ones) was to intensify town centres, strengthen local communities, support micro industries, and in turn begin to transform and ReBrand the region.