Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Future Morwell, Information Session

Attend Our Information Session to Learn More About the Community Consultation Open House Outcomes.

The Information Session will be held on Thursday 9th July, 2015 from 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm at 226 Commercial Rd, Morwell.

Sign up here

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ambassadors for change in the Valley

By Emma Watson,    July 2, 2015, midnight
Reposted from Latrobe Valley Express

An aerial image of Morwell will be used as a virtual tool to visualise, test and communicate proposals for the Future Morwell project. Image: Supplied

A BOLD plan to put the beat back into Morwell's heart will be achieved by building a sense of place; creating a healthy, connected community and establishing the town as a destination.

More than 675 suggestions from about 500 people have helped establish three key goals of the Future Morwell project, collected from community consultation sessions in April and May.

Steered by RMIT University, Latrobe City and Morwell community groups, Future Morwell obtained State Government funding to revitalise the town following last year's Hazelwood mine fire.

RMIT University academics Rosalea Monacella and Craig Douglas said although Morwell was the project's first focus, it would be used as a model to develop other Latrobe Valley towns.

"It's a serious pilot; it came about from a serious incident, which is what made the State Government fund available to assist Morwell (but) wasn't available to other towns," Ms Monacella said.

"The way we have framed Future Morwell is Future Morwell, Future Latrobe Valley.

"Future Morwell is interchangeable with Future Traralgon and Future Moe; it is not about operating in isolation, but for the greater good of the collective."

The steering committee is now developing Future Morwell's revitalisation plan, based on its consolidation of key outcomes from the public feedback.

The urban strategy framework will consider ways to enhance Morwell's identity from other Latrobe Valley towns and strengthen tourism and investment in the area.

Mr Douglas suggested the community-led approach was new to the Latrobe Valley area, with consultation an essential part of the project.

"(Local) people recognise the strengths and qualities of the town, as well as the insights and ideas about how to address issues," he said.

"That way the community are not only agents for change unto themselves, but they're (also) ambassadors for change."

A gateway to Morwell and a circuit linking different parts of the town are the first physical changes residents will notice, with work to begin next year.

Latrobe City councillor and committee chair Graeme Middlemiss said gathering the views of Morwell residents was an interesting process.

"The most interesting thing about it (was) there was no suggestion that really jumped out," Cr Middlemiss said.

"There were hundreds of ideas, but many could be combined together to achieve the one outcome."

He said he was confident the project's outcomes would reflect the community's suggestions, but the small budget would "limit the project in some respect".

A public information session will be held next Thursday from 6pm at the ReActivate Latrobe Valley centre on Commercial Road, Morwell.

Once the revitalisation plan is finalised an additional community consultation session will be held in September to gain further feedback.

You can stay updated on the project by visiting or the 'Future Morwell' Facebook page.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Winter Night 2015 Post Event Film_ILLUMINATE 2015

Illuminate, is a Projection Festival in its second year that was distributed along the streets of Morwell to form a key part of the broader Winter Night Festival 2015.

The curated projections allow for an immersion in a visual wonderland of colourful patterns; featuring the works of up to 20 talented local and regional artists, brought together as part of the ReActivate Latrobe Valley project and through local collaborations.

They provide an opportunity for the community and visitors to explore the city of Morwell through the lighting up of storefronts, buildings, street corners and spaces that are often familiar, however become transformed by the projections.

The Winter Night Festival 2015, was held on 19th of June, and also featured a large array of market stalls, workshops and performances to showcase unique local enterprises, from market food and fresh produce, artists and makers, performers and community groups unique to the region.

The festival is focused on fostering an environment where the community can come together to celebrate renewed visions for the future of the region. It is an opportunity to recognize the great things happening in Latrobe and to reconnect with their origins in local communities.

Please view the individual artists projected works by visiting

Monday, June 22, 2015

Latrobe Valley Express_Night festival swells

By Farrah Plummer,    June 22, 2015, midnight
Reposted from Latrobe Valley Express

Night festival swell

Illuminated: The Morwell Central hotel was lit up with artistic light projections.

The often quiet streets of Morwell became "magical" in a celebration of light, music, dance and art as the chill and darkness took hold on Friday night.

Residents peered into shop windows along Commercial Road to discover their normal habitats anew.

A male choir sang in a fish and chip shop, the Paperdolls dancers did the Charleston in the drycleaners, light projections cascaded off the central business district buildings and Tarwin Street swarmed with people sampling food and local wares.

"It was a celebration of place, by wanting to explore and seeing things that are everyday become something new," Reactivate Latrobe Valley co-director and organiser Craig Douglas said of the second annual Winter Night Festival.

Mr Douglas and co-director Rosalea Monacella estimated the festival had tripled in attendance numbers since last year.

The organisers also commented on participation with more shops, local businesses and community groups becoming "agents of change" and contributing to what Morwell could be.

"We're trying to highlight Morwell and the Latrobe Valley and hint it can be a strong cultural hub with so many musicians and performance artists. It really is a phenomenally mix rich of culture," Ms Monacella said.

Paperdolls member Emma Lewis said the dancers had performed a Charleston 'Great Gatsby' inspired number in the drycleaners, became pop-up mannequins in a beauty salon and mod Go-go dancers in the 'After 65 exhibition' at Latrobe Regional Gallery.

Dancers in the former spotlight building on Commercial Road.

"We think it's really important for our community to reinvigorate the Latrobe Valley and it's got such a warm community feel about it. It's been a wonderful opportunity to be a part of it," Ms Lewis said.

The festival also held a youth event at Traralgon's VRI hall with local emerging bands and more light projections.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Latrobe Valley Express_Venture behind the scenes

By Farrah Plummer,    June 18, 2015, midnight
Reposted from Latrobe Valley Express

Venture behind the scenes

Struck: Morwell's Masonic Lodge in Hazelwood Road will be illuminated tomorrow night as part of the Reactivate Latrobe Winter Festival. photograph supplied.

USUALLY a quiet and contemplative space to reflect on art, Latrobe Regional Gallery will take on a new dimension as night falls this Friday.

As part of the ReActivate Latrobe Winter Night Festival, the Morwell gallery will offer 'back of house' tours of the gallery's 1500-work collection preserved behind the white-walled exterior.

"Behind that door there's paintings, there's glass, there's ceramics... everything under the sun, all stored in a certain way," Latrobe Regional Gallery acting arts director Shelley McDermott said.

She said this included conservation efforts, including how art works were stored and catalogued to ensure they last for future generations.

"It's a huge task that no-one normally sees," Ms McDermott said.

Inspired by 1960s optical art exhibition 'After 65', staff, artists and musicians will also roam the gallery in 1960s mod and Go-go dancer get-ups, offering free children and family art activities.

This includes drawing in the 'Radicals, Slayers and Villains' print exhibition, optical-illusion artwork and a photo booth.

Ms McDermott said the night created a different "vibe" in the gallery and was more accessible for those that had perhaps spent little time in the space.

"It's a different atmosphere and a different kind of visit," she said.

The Winter Night Festival, running the length of Commercial Road and Tarwin Street in Morwell, will run from 4pm to 10pm tomorrow.

It will feature local musicians such as the Strzelecki Stringbusters, a showcase of stalls and local enterprises, artisan foods, artists, performers in shop windows and community groups from around the region.

Traralgon's VRI Hall at Queens Parade will also host light projections and music performances on Saturday from 1pm to 10pm.

A night of light

THOSE passing by the historic Masonic Lodge in Morwell tomorrow night might wonder if the 1927 building has "come alive".

Traralgon artists Eloisa Tripodi and Dan Clancy are among projection artists who will illuminate buildings in the central business district as part of ReActivate Latrobe Winter Night Festival.

Using projection mapping at the Hazelwood Road building, the artists have created interactive sound and light animation that will seek audience participation.

Tap a xylophone with a hammer and musical notes will appear on the brick building.

Blow soap bubbles to see animated bubbles floating through the interior of the building.

Ask the building a question, and one of its inhabitants, Member for Morwell Russell Northe or Latrobe City mayor Dale Harriman, will answer.

"It's almost like animation, you're projecting the image of the building back on to the building and manipulating what it looks like," artist Dan Clancy said.

"Our project is interactive, not a static display like many have seen at White Night in Melbourne. The audience can tell the building how to feel or react."

In preparation for the performance, Mr Clancy and Ms Tripodi have spent nights in the "freezing cold" experimenting and testing the light projections.

Mr Clancy said the lodge was the best building for light projection mapping and hoped residents would walk down from the market at Tarwin Street to visit the building and nearby Latrobe Regional Gallery.

"It's not just a kid thing, it's for adults as well," he said.

"It's a live performance and will react to our audience as well. If the audience wants to participate they can, but they don't have to and can still enjoy the sound and light show."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Morwell Projections by WIN News Gippsland

Latrobe Valley braves the cold for winter festival

By Zoe Ferguson,    June 17, 2015
Reposted from

With markets, music, window shop performances and projection art, the Latrobe Valley Winter Night Festival is packed with entertainment, but it's only for two nights.

'Jesus' (Supplied: Hartmut Veit)

'Feet' (Supplied: Hartmut Veit )

'The Gift' (Supplied: Hartmut Veit )

(Supplied: Dan Clancy)

Artists Dan Clancy and Eloisa Tripod rugged up outside the Masonic Lodge (Supplied)

In its inaugural year in 2013 the Winter Night Festival was just a night market in Morwell and Traralgon, but now it's being used as a platform to showcase broader local talent.

Co-director of Reactivate Latrobe Valley who is behind the festival, Rosalea Monacella, says it highlights the strong community in the area.

"It celebrates the community and intends to bring it together and bring light and festivity to the winter months," she said.

Artist Hartmut Veit's work is being displayed in a pop up gallery, exploring the relationship and politics between people, place and coal.

"One of the works is called The Gift and it's a neon work with coal. The neon word The interchanges with Das, and 'das gift' means 'poison' in German, so there are dual aspects of positive and negative," Hartmut said.

"I've been working with coal as a material for a year-and-a-half now - I like working with the agency of the material, and the darkness of the material works well against the neon light."

One night stand

Having his artworks on display for just one night is somewhat allegorical for Hartmut, and draws attention to the opportunities for local artists.

"Everything in the art world is very ephemeral, and having one night to offer artists to show their work is great but you're there and then you disappear," he said.

"It's difficult to have these opportunities on an ongoing basis for local emerging artists. It's also allegorical of our human existence as well, we feel self-important about things, but really how important is everything we do."

Interactive art

It's the second year the festival will incorporate projection art, and creative producer Dan Clancey mapped the Masonic Lodge on Hazelwood Road, Morwell.

"It's a beautiful 1927 building and we visually mapped it using our computer and mapping different sections of the building to colour in and turn into fire, or water," he said.

Inspired by the Sydney light festival Vivid, Dan and his creative partner Eloisa Tripodi wanted to create something interactive.

"It's not static like a movie - you're watching a projected image but you can control it as an audience by blowing kisses or bubbles and they appear on the building," he said.

"The scope we have on a blank canvas on a building is exciting from an artistic point of view.

"As a local artist it's important we keep our stories alive and share them with people we live and work with - it's an important part of this festival."

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Future Morwell Open House Interview Gippsland Today

Recorded on 30th April 2015,

By Greg Allen (Gippsland Today Radio Station, Gold 1242)

For more information please go to the FutureMorwell web site or perhaps also join the online discussion at

Friday, May 1, 2015

Future Morwell. Future Latrobe Valley. Launch Event Last Night

We are open from today (1st May) until Monday (4th May) between 9am and 6pm

Please come past the Our Future Morwell Our Future Latrobe Valley 'Open House Community Consultation', even if for a few minutes to share your ideas!

30th April - 4th May, 2015 @(former spotlight building)190 Commercial Road, Morwell.

An opportunity to work with the project team to develop future ideas for a Future Morwell + a Future Latrobe Valley.

For more information please go to the FutureMorwell web site or perhaps also join the online discussion at

Our Future Morwell Our Future Latrobe Valley - Have your say Part 01

Our Future Morwell Our Future Latrobe Valley 'Open House Community Consultation' from 30th April - 4th May, 2015 @(former spotlight building)190 Commercial Road, Morwell.

An opportunity to work with the project team to develop future ideas for a Future Morwell + a Future Latrobe Valley.

Launch Event: 
Thursday 30th April, 2015 :6.30pm - 9pm
Community Workshops:
Friday 1st May, 2015 :12pm-2pm
Saturday 2nd May, 2015 :12pm-6pm
Sunday 3rd May, 2015 :12pm-6pm
Monday 4th May, 2015 :12pm-2pm

For more information please go to the FutureMorwell web site >>>

Share your ideas - Our Future Morwell Our Future Latrobe Valley

We have also launched the online discussion forum where you can 'share your ideas' or suggest other topics that relate to 'Our Future Morwell Our Future Latrobe Valley'.

To kick off the conversations we have provided the following topics that you can already contribute too.

What would you like from your community?

Favourite spots?

What would you like to see in Future Morwell

How would you activate the town?

What represents a city's heart?

What is a town gateway?

What do you envision Future Morwell's streetscape to be?

Please Visit to join the discussion with other members of your community!

Existing Commercial Road Fly through in Morwell _ Future Morwell. Future Latrobe Valley.

The animation is a fly through of Commercial Road in Morwell. The streetscape is a visualisation of its existing condition as of March / April 2015, and was created to initially assist in the community engagement for Future Morwell. Future Latrobe Valley.

The digital model was created from a combination of 3d scans that we conducted on commercial road  (please see earlier posts) and the use of digital terrain model information for the larger topographic condition. We intend to evolve / further refine and develop this model, and for it to be used in a number projects for Morwell.

Our Future Morwell Our Future Latrobe Valley 'Open House Community Consultation' from 30th April - 4th May, 2015 @(former spotlight building)190 Commercial Road, Morwell.

An opportunity to work with the project team to develop future ideas for a Future Morwell + a Future Latrobe Valley.

Launch Event:
Thursday 30th April, 2015 :6.30pm - 9pm
Community Workshops:
Friday 1st May, 2015 :12pm-2pm
Saturday 2nd May, 2015 :12pm-6pm
Sunday 3rd May, 2015 :12pm-6pm
Monday 4th May, 2015 :12pm-2pm

For more information please go to the FutureMorwell web site

Future Morwell Trailer No3

Monday, April 20, 2015

Future Morwell Trailer

Morwell Scan_Update 2

The film below is another update that shows how the digital model is being developed from the scan data which we collected and have posted on previously.

This Public Life: Festival of Landscape Architecture

15 – 18 October 2015, Melbourne

The 2015 Festival of Landscape Architecture: This Public Life will explore public life through three key lenses: Life + Death, Love + Longing and Participation + Spectacle, encourage interdisciplinary awareness and enhance the public’s understanding of landscape architecture.

Speakers will share tools and methods to address critical design challenges. The program combines
presentations by, and conversations with, thinkers and practitioners from landscape architecture, architecture, the arts, sciences and engineering.

This Public Life Festival will be presented from 15 - 18 October in Melbourne, with a program including a landscape architecture conference at Federation Square, research summit, awards night, opening party, design competition, exhibition, tours and film screenings.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Winter Night Festival 2015

Let's Illuminate Latrobe Valley

The Winter Night Festival, planned for

Friday 19 June, 2015 & 20th June, 2015.

The festival will see Latrobe Valley transformed with a series of site-specific and non-site-specific projection artworks, on and inside buildings, performances . live music and food and design markets.

More Info to Come either here or at

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#GetSunflowered_Update - DizzyBunny('The Maze') _ Garden Party @ Old Hospital site in Moe

Don't forget....The final garden party for the 2015 getsunflowered will be an easter egg hunt for young and old at 'the Maze' sunflower field in Moe

The garden party starts at 10.00am on the sunday where we will be giving away sunflowers and hunting for easter eggs.

Monday, March 30, 2015

#GetSunflowered_Update - RMIT produced Film

Read the full story here>>>

Blooming sea of yellow_(Reposted)

By Farrah Plummer,    March 30, 2015, midnight
Reposted from Latrobe Valley Express

Express journalist Farrah Plummer joined Rustie Lassam, Catherine Ashford and 'Buzz' the dog at Newborough's Get Sunflowered site. (photograph tom morrison)

FROLICKING is among many impulsive desires one might feel in a sea of yellow blooms in Newborough.

The 2.4 kilometre spiral, 'maze' or 'crop circles' of some 50,000 sunflowers on Narracan Drive has also been traversed by a dizzied runner and a white-gowned bride for a wedding day photograph shoot.

The site is among six of ReActivate Latrobe Valley's 'Get Sunflowered' sites in Moe, Morwell and Traralgon seen from the Princes Highway and Gippsland train line.

Newborough resident and 'Get Sunflowered' volunteer Catherine Ashford, who regularly waters the tall and "cheerful flowers" described the project as "feel good".

She said when the seeds were first ploughed in December, a passer-by asked 'what are you growing, potatoes?'

But since the sunflowers started flowering last week, she had seen people enjoying the blooms and taking photographs.

"This was a vacant block with weeds and blackberries and now it looks nice," Ms Ashford said.

Volunteer Rustie Lassam said she first learned about the sunflower project at the Morwell site in Buckley Street.

"It just made me smile," Ms Lassam said.

"What I like is people feel like they can come, walk through, there's a good community feel."

More than 30 volunteers have sown and cared for sunflowers, including Fulham Prison inmates.

ReActivate Latrobe Valley co-director Craig Douglas said there had been great anticipation in the community watching the sunflowers grow and "becoming".

The senior lecturer in RMIT's School of Architecture and Design, who assisted in the design of the 'art and land' maze, said the project was about bringing together disconnected groups in a positive way.

"It's a cheerful thing and we're trying to change peoples' ideas about this place not being negative, but positive," Mr Douglas said.

In the spirit of recent 'Get Sunflowered' garden parties across the Valley, a 'Dizzy Bunny Garden Party' will be held on Easter Sunday from 10am with an Easter egg hunt, boiled egg and spoon race and residents invited to take sunflowers home.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sunflowers set to power Morwell party happiness_(Reposted)

By Emma Watson,    March 9, 2015, 2:46 p.m.
Reposted from Latrobe Valley Express

Above: Lifeline Gippsland chief executive Claire Davis and Get Sunflowered volunteer Lynton Azlin at the Morwell site.

IF you don't know how to spend a lazy autumn afternoon, head to the corner of Church and Buckley streets in Morwell this Friday to join a party among the sunflowers.

ReActivate Latrobe Valley and Lifeline Gippsland are inviting members of the community to a luncheon from 1pm, with music, face painting and performances until 7pm.

ReActivate Latrobe Valley co-director Rosalea Monacella said she hoped the festivities would be as successful as the first garden party at Traralgon's VRI Hall.

"The response was absolutely fantastic - it was successful beyond our expectations," Ms Monacella said.

Sunflower giveaways and food from local cafes will be available for a gold coin donation, with all proceeds going towards Lifeline Gippsland's counselling service.

"We thought it would be a nice thing to acknowledge such an important and fantastic institution, especially because it started in Morwell," Ms Monacella said.

Lynton Azlin, who has volunteered at the 'Get Sunflowered' site since December, came up with the idea to donate to Lifeline Gippsland.

His mother had volunteered with the organisation's opportunity stores and counselling service for more than 10 years.

"Sunflowers are a proven aid for people suffering depression, because they're such happy plants," Mr Azlin said.

"Lifeline Gippsland is just down the road from where the sunflowers are, so I thought it would be good to have any money raised go into the organisation."

Lifeline Gippsland started out in 1968 with a group of volunteers offering counselling at the back of an old church on Maryvale Crescent.

Today, an average of 23,000 people across Gippsland phone the organisation's 24/7 telephone crisis support line each year.

Lifeline Gippsland chief executive Claire Davis said the proceeds would be used for training and recruiting volunteers, with the number of phone calls continuing to increase.

"It just shows the community has an amazing association with Lifeline Gippsland, because it goes back many years," Ms Davis said.

"I'm really touched, because it was very unexpected."

Mr Azlin said he hoped as many people as possible would turn out to the event, with all performers volunteering their time "for the benefit of the community".

"I want everyone who's available to come along, because it's going to be a great, fun day," Mr Azlin said.

For more information or to confirm your attendance, message 'ReActivate: Latrobe Valley' on Facebook or visit

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#GetSunflowered_Update - BeeLine _ Garden Party @ Crn Church & Buckley Street Morwell

Bee_Line_Garden Party @ Cnr Church& Buckley Street Morwell

We have the 'BeeLine' garden party planned for  3.30pm- 7.00pm Friday 13th March, 2015. All welcome.
Donations will be going to Lifeline.

We will be harvesting the ornamental sunflowers for people to take home.
Gippsland FM will be broadcasting live from the site
Also,there will be..
Live Music, Performances, Face Painting, Koko the Clown, Delicious Food
Come and join us to getsunflowered!

Monday, March 2, 2015


The recent celebration in the media (…/…) of the Get Sunflowered project has been wonderful.

We at OUTR Lab in the School of Architecture and Design RMIT University would once again like to thank Ben Morieson ( for his collaboration on this stunning project. We would also like to say a big thank-you to all our volunteers, site ambassadors and sponsors:

BMG Development
CanDo Hire
Copsely Ornamentals
Gary Lee Sprinklers
Gibsons Groundspread
Gippsland Water
Jeromy White Agricultural Contracting
Joe Frugalatti
Latrobe City Council
NuSeed, Diggers Club
Outdoor Cameras Australia
Regional Development Victoria
RMIT University
Stafeg and Emperor Developments
Suleman Group
Trampoline Studio
Traralgon Neighbourhood House

Thursday, February 26, 2015

‪#‎GetSunflowered‬ Update - Feautred in the Sydney Morning Herald and AGE Newspaper

Sunflowers in full bloom in the middle of Morwell in the Latrobe Valley

Bright yellow petals flutter rapidly in a stiff breeze, bees buzz from sunflower to sunflower and a towering sprinkler sprays a jet of water across the plants below. Passing pedestrians stop, point and admire the view.

This time one year ago many Morwell residents wore masks as they walked along the footpaths in town, to protect themselves from the smoke and ash blowing from the fire in the nearby coalmine. But today, many are wearing smiles as they walk past the picturesque block at the corner of Buckley and Church streets.

What used to be a vacant block home to a bit of rubbish and some weeds, and many years ago a petrol station, is now a striking mass of yellow sunflowers. The disused former petrol station site is now perhaps the prettiest block in town.

Labour of love: Local Morwell volunteer Lynton Azlin looks after a patch of sunflowers planted as a part of the "get sunflowered" project. This land has been vacant for 30 years. Photo: Joe Armao

The sunflowers have been planted here, and at four other sites in Morwell, Traralgon and Moe, thanks to the efforts of local volunteers and researchers from RMIT University School of Architecture and Design.
All up, a staggering 100,000 sunflower seeds were planted on the vacant Latrobe Valley sites, in the aptly named "Get Sunflowered" project. The sunflowers, in some cases nearly two metres tall, have transformed the properties, which also include old tennis courts and an old hospital site.

Morwell resident and project volunteer Lynton Azlin has been involved with the two main sites in Morwell for the past three months. He has planted seeds, pulled out weeds, set up irrigation equipment and done the watering.

Labour of love: Local Morwell volunteer Lynton Azlin looks after a patch of sunflowers planted as a part of the "get sunflowered" project. This land has been vacant for 30 years. Photo: Joe Armao

"I'm going to the sites on a daily basis, and I would probably be working 30 hours a week," he says.

But for Mr Azlin, a lifetime resident of Morwell, it is a labour of love that has been worthwhile. "We have turned that into a field of sunflowers. From an ugly site that nobody really wanted to look at, to something that people can't stop looking at," he says.

Craig Douglas, senior lecturer at RMIT's School of Architecture and Design, says the "Get Sunflowered" project is "a way of engaging one-to-one with the community, to do projects from the bottom up. What I mean by that, it's working with community groups and individuals, to help them understand how to become agents of transformation, to inform what the urban and social fabric of their city wants to be."

He says that on one vacant block in Moe sunflowers have been planted in a 2.4-kilometre spiral.

"The sunflowers are going to be beautiful. And on the sites that are already blooming, in Traralgon and in Morwell, they're just stunning visual feasts. But I guess the point I want to make is that the sunflowers are a happy by-product of actually bringing people together, making connections across the community and helping people understand that they can be an active part of their society, of their community and of the city," he says.

Mr Douglas' colleague Associate Professor Rosalea Monacella, co-director of the Office of Urban Transformations Research at RMIT, says the project is about community empowerment and engagement.

"It is also about taking these vacant, neglected sites and cleaning them up, and providing through that process of growth an ownership and also an engagement with the community," she says.

"There's been a fantastic amount of positive feedback that we've got from the project. People are actually going to visit the sites, meander through the sunflowers, take photos, take their children to actually see the sunflowers as well. It's been incredibly positive," she says.

#GetSunflowered_Update - LOVE 15 _ Garden Party @ The VRI Traralgon

LOVE 15 _ Garden Party @ The VRI Traralgon

We have the 'Love 15' garden party planned for Sunday 1st March from 1pm - 4pm.
It will be a wonderful day full of sunflowers, music, performances, face painting and food.
All welcome!! Please get in touch with us.

Photo below by Joh Blogs

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

UPDATE: Sao Paulo running out of water!!! (Reblogged- NY Times)

Severe Drought Pushes Brazil’s Largest City Toward Water Crisis

An employee of Sabesp the water utility,walked by the main dam gate of the Cantareira water system, its largest reservoir and one that provides water to about 6.5 million people.

CreditImages by Mauricio Lima for The New York Times

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Endowed with the Amazon and other mighty rivers, an array of huge dams and one-eighth of the world’s fresh water, Brazil is sometimes called the “Saudi Arabia of water,” so rich in the coveted resource that some liken it to living above a sea of oil.

But in Brazil’s largest and wealthiest city, a more dystopian situation is unfolding: the taps are starting to run dry.

As southeast Brazil grapples with its worst drought in nearly a century, a problem worsened by polluted rivers, deforestation and population growth, the largest reservoir system serving São Paulo is near depletion. Many residents are already enduring sporadic water cutoffs, some going days without it. Officials say that drastic rationing may be needed, with water service provided only two days a week.

Behind closed doors, the views are grimmer. In a meeting recorded secretly and leaked to the local news media, Paulo Massato, a senior official at São Paulo’s water utility, said that residents might have to be warned to fleebecause “there’s not enough water, there won’t be water to bathe, to clean” homes.

Fiber pools displayed at a shop front yard near Itu, a city severely affected by drought, about 62 miles northwest of Sao Paulo. According to the shop assistant, sales have decreased 30 percent compared to the same period last year because of the drought.

For the full article please visit the New York Times  

Morwell's digital frontier_(Reposted)

Scanned: An example of the types of images Greg Afflick is scanning to digitally map Morwell's central business district.

By Emma Watson,    Feb. 16, 2015, midnight
Reposted from Latrobe Valley Express

INNOVATION is paving the future of Gippsland's city centres as ReActivate Latrobe Valley continues connecting the community with new projects.

Latrobe Valley residents may have noticed a technician scanning the buildings of Morwell's central business district over the past fortnight.His name is Greg Afflick and he has been busy using terrestrial scanners to digitally map the area from the western end of Commercial Road to Hazelwood Drive.

It is all part of preparations for the "bigger and better" 2015 Winter Night Festival, which will see a range of artwork projected onto Commercial Road shopfronts and infrastructure.

ReActivate Latrobe Valley co-directors Rosalea Monacella and Craig Douglas said the group's intent was to build upon past projects, which they hoped could reconnect people with their town centres.

"We're going to build on the success of the projections at the last winter festival, where we had our
first go at doing projections onto buildings," Mr Douglas said. "We had a lot of fun with that and got a really good response from the public. "This time we'd like to do it again and do it better," he said.

ReActivate has asked artists to respond to each of the buildings' specifics, where even windows and doors can be used for more interactive displays.

The 26 scans were taken in three days and come with 100 million points of information, which Mr Douglas said would provide local artists with more scope for innovation. Artists who plan to submit their pieces by Monday, 23 March, can also attend a workshop on Friday, 20 March, to better understand the projectionist's tools.

"So for someone who might be creating artwork or organic candles, it's actually profiling that innovation that's going on at a local level," Ms Monacella said. "Ideally we're profiling Gippsland artists, but we're trying to draw in a range of responses to the area."

This year's Winter Night Festival - to be held in June - will have events in Moe, Traralgon and Morwell. Mr Douglas said the festival, along with other initiatives such as 'Get Sunflowered', was mainly a "celebration" of the people and their towns. ReActivate Latrobe Valley and other community groups will join Latrobe City Council to sign a Memorandum of Understanding next week.

"In a funny way, part of what we're doing is describing back to people what's good about living and working here," Mr Douglas said. "Because, you know, you forget. You drive past something everyday and it becomes normal and you forget what's special about it."

If your interested in taking part in this years 2015 projection festival please contact us, or go to the the ReactivateLatrobeValley Facebook Page >>>> to find out more, plus other  Latrobe projects that you can be involved in! 

Monday, February 16, 2015


Definitely a nice way to start the week! Thanks David Wakefield.

Please visit Reactivate Latrobe Valley's Facebook page for more

Tony's sunny disposition_(Reposted)

In the thick of it: Tony Lea joined 'Get Sunflowered' as a volunteer, but now he's a paid employee.  
 photograph tom morrison
In the thick of it: Tony Lea joined 'Get Sunflowered' as a volunteer, but now he's a paid employee. photograph tom morrison

By Emma Watson,    Feb. 16, 2015, midnight
AFTER pulling out the weeds of his former job and planting the seeds of a new career, 53 year-old Tony Lea's work life is blooming.

The Latrobe Valley resident of more than 30 years joined the 'Get Sunflowered' project late last year, after parting ways with his former employer, GippsTAFE.

"I left GippsTAFE not knowing what I was going to do; I'd have a bit of a holiday and a rest," Mr Lea said. "We happened to find the 'Get Sunflowered' site and the next day was the planting of the sunflowers. "We thought that would be a good thing to do, so my wife and two boys came down, and what we thought was going to be two hours turned out to be six or seven."

Mr Lea taught Horticulture and Conservation Land Management at the Morwell campus for 20 years.
His passion and knowledge of plants caught the eyes of ReActivate Latrobe Valley staff, who soon contacted the former teacher and offered him employment.
He now works at the Traralgon site three days a week, where he oversees the site's maintenance along with the growth of about 2000 sunflowers.

Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House, which leases the VRI Hall, allowed ReActivate Latrobe Valley to use the old tennis courts and sow the initiative's first seeds. Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House project manager Joh Lyons said Mr Lea's story showed how volunteering could create a good basis for future employment.

Since the project began on Saturday, 6 December, Mr Lea said he had noticed a "nuclear reaction" of community interest. "I guess that's the point of the project; to make the community proud of the space," Mr Lea said. "Compared to what it looked like about 18 months ago, the whole site looked unloved, but now it looks loved, which is really nice."

The former teacher now has job security for every six months the project occurs, which might involve more sites in the coming years. Once the sunflowers have blossomed, their seeds will be kept for future re-planting and the Traralgon site re-vamped to build a community garden.

ReActivate Latrobe Valley co-director Craig Douglas said the sunflowers created a "beautiful field of green" in places formerly littered with rubbish and vandalism. "But really, that's the happy bi-product of the whole thing, because it's really about connecting people and making relationships that can do things for the town," Mr Douglas said.

ReActivate Latrobe Valley will start hosting garden parties - the first with a tennis theme to recognise Traralgon's former tennis courts - on Sunday, 1 March.

For more information about sunflowers or how to get involved, head to the 'ReActivate: Latrobe Valley' Facebook page or visit

Sunday, February 15, 2015

We need your help, Boston Competition Public Vote

One of the successful entries to make it through.. vote for us Click here for vote page, and then the heart on the left hand side  
Understanding Time Water inundation is a key to the ecological and urban vibrancy of the proposal. A range of water levels are utilised to create difference in both a physical and temporal sense. At low tide water is barely...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Morwell Scan Fly-Though

We have just finished aligning the registered scan data sets, and is now ready for modelling!! However we thought we should share a quick "PreViz  Fly-Through" before we start to work on cleaning up the scans and commence with the digital model.

As stated in earlier posts:
The short PreViz film below, is a result of 26 scan locations with a total point count in the range of 100,000,000. The scans have a tolerance / accuracy with somewhere between a 3mm and 7mm, which given the scale, is far beyond what we would consider workable in Landscape Architecture / Urban Design.
From the resulting scanning data, we will be creating digital and physical fabricated scaled models for use in various projects that we are currently involved with.


On the verge of bursting at the VRI - love 15 site

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Scanning Morwell

Last week we were in Morwell for three days to scan Commercial Road and some of the other buildings and civic infrastructure throughout the town, in preparation for the building of a comprehensive digital model.

In total we conducted 26 scan locations with a total point count in the range of 100,000,000. The scans have now also been registered to each other, with somewhere between a 3mm and 7mm tolerance, which given the scale, is far beyond what we would consider workable.

We will be attempting to post more on this as we develop some of the deliverables with all this survey data, but for now.... we have included some images and screen grabs from the process.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sao Paulo running out of water!!! Is now below DEAD level!!!

Recently (over the summer), we have been keeping an eye on the drought that is occurring in the South American city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"Brazil drought: Sao Paulo sleepwalking into water crisis, Nov 2014" Above image is from the BBC.

To put it simply and with no exaggeration, this city of some 22 million Est people will run out of water if rain is not forthcoming in the next two to seven months. Perhaps even as much of a concern, is that roughly about 80% of the electricity is sourced from Hydro Electric Reservoirs, and no doubt is adding to the economic pressure the country is currently under which has been due to their "Economic Heart"(Sao Paulo State), now being crippled by these combined factors.

The text below has been reposted from  (please go via the link, to read their full story, or google 'Sao Paulo water shortages' for more)

The worst drought in nearly a century continues to plague Sao Paulo state and neighboring Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais states in southeastern Brazil; the nearly 30 million people living in the extended municipal complex of Sao Paulo have been dealing with extremely low reservoir levels for more than a year. In fact, the water reserves have fallen so low that they are now below the dead level, the point at which the water must be pumped up to reach the pipes connecting the reservoir to the greater distribution system. In late 2014, the Cantareira system authorized the use of its second quota of dead volume. The system is at roughly 5 percent of its capacity and is considering authorizing a third quota. If usage continues and the reservoir is not replenished, projections indicate that it will run dry by September. Other reservoirs supplying the city have also declined over the past year, including the Alto Tiete, which like Cantareira has approved the use of its dead volume.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Winter Night Festival

For a momentary break from 'getsunflowered'.. put in your diaries the forthcoming WINTER NIGHT FESTIVAL - 19TH/20TH JUNE 2015 happening across the three main towns of Latrobe Valley: Moe, Morwell and Traralgon.

We have some very exciting and wonderous things planned!

The festival will include a vast array of projections and sound installations onto buildings by local and national artists + community groups, live music, performances and market stalls. Making Latrobe Valley illuminate during the Winter Solistice.

Here is a little snippet of what happened last year

Message us if your town, community group etc would like to get involved. + Don't forget to put it in your diary now!!

More Updates in the coming weeks!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


- Come and join in on the family fun this Sunday 17th January in Morwell!!

10am- 12.00pm - 'A-line' on the cnr of Church Street & Buckley Street Morwell.

2.00pm-4.00pm 'The Abbey Garden' on Princes Drive, Morwell.

This weekend will be about thinning out some of the over populated areas, no gardening experience needed. We will be making available a special #getsunflowered pack which will include a number of sunflower seedlings for those who participate.

Perfect gardening weather predicated for this sunday. Collaborator artist Ben Morieson from Fieldwork will be there on the day to walk people through the aims of the sunflower project.

Message us if you would like to come and garden with us on sunday.. lets make Latrobe Valley Bloom!

for more info on the project please visit