Tuesday, October 25, 2016

a n t h r o p o S c e n e ~ global short film competition

OUTR entered the short film competition hosted by Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.
See our entry below:

3rd Planet Food from outr rmit on Vimeo.

The year is 2040. The suburban limits of Melbourne now reach out to the townships within the Latrobe Valley. The impacts of globalization and mass consumerism are evident in the exploitation of the landscape. With the closure of mining companies in the Valley, this now ceases. Melbourne’s centre, a generic, over-crowded, mono-economy, now looks to the suburbs as a creative exoskeleton, to pose new solutions for food & energy distribution to the rest of the state.
With the abrupt closure of the international mining companies, the immediate need for a diverse local economy accelerated the townships through rapid change, community resiliency and resourcefulness. The suburban townships within the Latrobe Valley produce local high speed LANs (Local Area Networks) to conduct industries. 3rd Planet Food is an open source food network that monitors local capacity and gives ownership back to the local residents.

OUTR team: Harriet Robertson, Greg Afflick, Rosalea Monacella, Craig Douglas, Farah Dakkak, Tech Yann Ooi & Kyle Bush